Rehab Projects
Apple Pointe

Apple Pointe was chosen as the new name of Oaklawn and 25 apple trees were planted along the perimeter of the site to set the theme.

Each apartment received new air conditioning, replacement of energy efficient windows, new entry and storm doors, the addition of a dishwasher and new kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All new roofing, new vinyl siding, a new playground, new patios and extensive landscape changes are also planned. Work was completed in 2009.

Apple Pointe Before
Apple Pointe After
Apple Pointe After 2
During the 2008 remodel of Sandlewood each apartment upgrade included new siding and stairs and energy efficient windows.  The community received a new community center with a laundry facility.  The community has updated landscaping and has added sidewalks and a new parking lot.
Sandlewood Before
Sandlewood After
Sandlewood After 2
Grand Cascade
The rehabilitation in 2008 consisted of air conditioning, new stairs and new siding.  A community room was an addition to the property.  Landscaping and playground were also added.
Grand Cascade Before
Grand Cascade After
Grand Cascade After 2
The Cedars
The Cedars was remodeled in 2008.
Riverview Apartments
Completed in July 2010. It has been updated with new kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, carpets and patios or balconies additions. The landscaping has been brightened up, a soccer field and a playground was added. 
Ridgeview Apartments
Completed in 2010.
Galway Apartments
The remodel consists of adding a state-of-the-art clubhouse; with a fitness center and two flat screen TV’s. Also, a business center and garages were added. The apartments were all updated as well.